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Town Hall Meeting: Annexation Without Representation

Despite the cold temperatures and forecasted frozen precipitation, about 50 Garland County and Hot Springs residents turned out at another well-organized meeting at the Five Star Dinner Theater in downtown.

Organizer Reggie Cowan introduced a host of speakers who shared the plan to circulate petitions to the city’s registered voters for a Referendum to ordinances annexing “enclaves C and D”. County residences continue to voice that annexing their land without their vote is a violation of their Constitutional rights. City residents will be affected, according to State Representative Bruce Cozart, by their own services being diluted to cover the expansion to the service areas for vital services such as water, fire and police protection. “There will likely be an increase in property taxes as well to provide for the cost to build additional fire stations as well as other expenditures” he said. “That could take years to accomplish”.

Representative Cozart plans to introduce a House Bill that will overturn the current annexation efforts that were afforded by the previous bill allowing municipalities to annex lands bordered by lakes, streams and natural forests. Fort Smith is another area of the state that is experiencing similar “land grabs”.

Petitions will be available through January 17th, for registered voters who are within the city limits, daily at the Garland County Library. The next organized meeting will be held at the Garland County Library on Thursday, January 12th from 5:30-6:30pm. Interested persons may attend and may sign petitions at that time.  The goal of the group is to gather as many as 2000 signatures.

For more information on how and where to sign a petition or to volunteer, contact Cliff Jackson at 501-525-7400 or Tori Marrin at 501-624-7812.

We will continue to provide updates as this effort progresses.