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On 2/25/18 at approximately 8:20pm, officers responded to a residence in reference to the potential tampering to a case of water bottles. It appeared that two bottles appeared to have been tampered with. The reporting person stated that he had tested the water with a “over the counter” drug test kit and it showed a presumptive positive result for PCP.

The department tested the water with a law enforcement recognized test kit that is PCP specific. Each of the bottles were tested with a negative result. We have taken the bottles and sent them to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for additional testing to confirm our negative results. We have requested the State Crime Lab to expedite the testing, so we can provide the public with accurate information. We are also in contact with the vendor to check for any additional possible tampering. Our detectives are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter. We have had no other reports of similar incidents.

We will update when more information is available.

Man arrested for Homicide

On May 29, 2016 Mark A. Tuner of Hot Springs was found deceased inside his home at 110 Oakwood. The manner of death was ruled a Homicide. Since that time, Detectives have continued to investigate and to bring those responsible for Tuner’s death to justice. Detectives have interviewed dozens of people and submitted numerous items of evidence to the Arkansas State Crime Lab since the time this investigation began.
Today, Hot Springs Police announce they have made an arrest in connection with the Homicide of Mark A. Tuner. Twenty (20) year old Kenney Danner of Malvern has been charged with Capital Murder and is being held at the GCDC without bond. The arrest comes after DNA evidence linking Danner to the Homicide was confirmed through testing by the Arkansas State Crime Lab.
Detectives are continuing to investigate this Homicide and anticipate additional arrest. No further information is being released at this time.

Dead Man Found at Pope Co. Controlled Burn Site

HECTOR, Ark. – U.S. Forest Service workers found a dead man at a controlled burn site on Sunday near Hector, deputies say.
The Pope County Sheriff’s Office was called out to investigate.
Deputies said the man was identified as 71-year-old Douglas Hall, and the man’s body was  found on his property.
“The fire, in which, the victim was burned was on the victim’s property and was not in any way connected to the prescribed burns initiated by the [U.S.] Forest Service,” the sheriff’s office said.
U.S. Forest Service employees saw smoke from Hall’s property, went to investigate and found his body, deputies said.
Hall was found in the Nogo community north of Hector around 5:45 p.m.
His body has been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for an autopsy.


Courtesy of KARK 4