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CCC Requests Resignations of Directors Fale and Ramick

Press Release:

Hot Springs, AR – August 10, 2016: The Concerned Citizens Coalition (CCC) is requesting the immediate resignation of Hot Springs city directors Randall Fale and Rick Ramick. Both directors have participated in activities that are deceptive and unethical.

Director Randall “Randy” Fale was directly responsible for causing the cessation of the televised “public commentary’ section of city board meetings in an apparent attempt to quash or censure public input.

Director Fale was directly responsible for perpetrating the myth that the city had a “water crisis” and improperly used this falsehood in an attempt to stop Harp’s Food Stores from locating outside of the city limits by not allowing them to connect to previously approved and existing water lines.

Director Fale was directly responsible for also using his fictional “water crisis” as a basis for a city ordinance and policy change to disallow water service to new subdivisions and commercial establishments located outside the city limits. This action effectively stopped all economic development activities within Garland County. This action also caused the loss of a minimum of 490 jobs at a rejected Wal-Mart Supercenter. This policy is currently in effect and continues to have a devastating impact on much needed area development.

Director Rick Ramick was directly responsible for efforts to deceive the public into thinking that he was representing constituents in a city district when he did not live in the district he purports to represent. In fact, he does not currently nor has he lived within the city limits since 2015.

Director Ramick was directly responsible for numerous motions, seconds, and votes over the previous year when he was not qualified to take such official actions. It is likely that such issues may not now be legally valid.

Director Ramick was and continues to be a strong advocate of large scale annexation of properties into the city limits of Hot Springs. Cannot the fact that he is presently working to annex “Enclave B” into the city be considered as part and parcel of a “cover-up” which would allow him to become a city resident?

The CCC has good reason to believe that most, if not all, current city directors and the city attorney have been aware of the deception and unethical behavior of directors Fale and Ramick for some time. In view of their apparent unwillingness to take appropriate actions to correct these inappropriate activities, we are requesting, not only, that these directors resign but that their replacements be made by a vote of the people rather than appointments by board members who appear to have proven to have been complicit with possible cover-ups of deceptive or unethical activities.

In the event the aforementioned directors, Hot Springs city board, and their city attorney refuse to take action to correct all deceptive and unethical practices, we request by this press release that other legally empowered agencies perform their proper functions by investigating and removing all violators from the offices they improperly hold.