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Garland County Library Solar Eclipse Recall

Do not use Library supplied solar eclipse glasses the eclipse glasses provided by the Garland County Library are not recommended for reviewing the eclipse on Monday, August 21 visit www.garlandcountylibrary.com for more info

Interview With The CCC on Recall

Annexation Without Representation Meeting

There will be a meeting tomorrow, Thursday, February 11th from 5:30 – 7:30 P.M. at the Garland County Library, 1427 Malvern Avenue to discuss “Forced Annexation” and to continue the ongoing efforts toward a Referendum Petition to recall the City Directors who voted recently to adopt annexation of certain areas of the county. Many citizens have voiced outrage over the ability, by law, for the City’s Board of Directors to annex lands without owner’s consent. Citizens feel that a vote needs to take place to gain approval before annexation in enacted. This meeting will be held to organize the gathering of signatures of City voters to recall those Directors.

Concerned Citizens Petitioning A Recall [Video]